The Floating d20s - Ascendice Update

The Floating d20s - Ascendice Update

Blue floating d20 above black base

Update: Ascendice is now available for pre-order →

It is finally time to talk about about the part of Ascendice that everyone is most excited about…


The Floating Dice!

We recently got our hands on some of the first dice samples made with our master Ascendice mould. And, 

They. Look. Awesome.

There were a few minor defects (which isn’t unusual for a first run) and required a little bit of cleaning up, but we’re really happy with how they turned out.

Multiple Ascendice d20s in a circle

The wonderful peeps in our Discord server helped us narrow down some colour options to get us started, and we think they made some excellent choices! So, without further ado, here are the first few colours we have.

Emerald Green

Close up of emerald green Ascendice floating

This was a very popular choice in the Discord. When we posted colour samples and examples of dice styles we liked, green was singled out many times as a favourite. The deep emerald colour, mixed with a little bit of marbling running through, makes the d20 look like a floating gemstone.

Black and Gold

Close up of black and gold Ascendice floating

A classic combination. This was one of the first ideas we had way back when Ascendice was first conceived, so we were glad that agreed that this needed to be an option. The combination of the shiny black and gold d20 levitating above the matte black base was an instant favourite.

Gold Flecked Sky Blue

Close up of blue and gold Ascendice floating

Another popular colour was blue, but even we weren’t prepared for how good this one looked! We had this one spinning above the base for days on end. It’s pretty mesmerising! The blue ranges from a deep, almost teal colour to a pale aqua mixed with white. Gold foil contrasts against the blue giving it a striking appearance that you can’t help but stare at. Lucy thinks it looks like sunlight bouncing off clouds in an azure sky (how poetic!).

What’s next?

We have a couple of base samples on the way as well as 3 more dice colours! There’s plenty more exciting things to share so keep a lookout for the next update :)

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Ascendice is now available for pre-order →

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