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Hey there adventurer! Welcome to our little corner of the bazaar.
Here at The Shop of Many Things, we're great fans of Tabletop games, especially RPGs.
Our mission is to find and create amazing products for you to use in creative ways to enrich your games. We hope you like them as much as we do!

Our magical floating d20. Coming soon to Kickstarter, because we all want levitating dice at our gaming tables.

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Magic Pens

Create epic tricks, puzzles and riddles for your players.

Magic Pens Bundle

$ 49.95 USD$ 74.00 USD

Erasable Moon Light Pens (3 Pack)

$ 17.99 USD

Elemental Ink Pens

$ 27.99 USD

Moon Light Pens

$ 27.99 USD
Puzzles For Your Next Session

Engage your players with epic puzzles.


Dragon Leather Dice Tray

$ 24.95 USD$ 48.00 USD

Black Dragon Leather Dice Tray

$ 9.95 USD$ 15.95 USD

Red Dragon Leather Dice Tray

$ 15.95 USD

Blue Dragon Leather Dice Tray

$ 9.95 USD$ 15.95 USD

Lessons From The Tabletop

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