Can Ascendice Be Rolled?

The number one comment we get whenever we post on social media is this:

"Super cool!
But can it be rolled?"

Honestly, we’re sick of it 😆 So here is your answer:


Ascendice is made with a spherical Neodymium Core set in the dead centre of each die. 



This means every die is perfectly balanced to be rolled.

In fact, the heavy core guarantees the most satisfying *click clack* you will ever roll.


I know what you’re thinking now:

“But can it roll while floating?”

Well, here is your answer…


Forgive me for stating the obvious 🤓 but when you roll on a table, the flat surface forces the die to show a clear number on the top.


Unfortunately, floating dice don't work like that.


So, roll it while it floats, but you’ll have to be the arbiter of the final results 👨🏻‍⚖️