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Latest Ascendice Progress

August Update
After months of work and fiddling around with components we have managed to get the bases slightly smaller, we plan to keep at it but we're really happy with the progress at the moment.

We also received more d20 samples in more colours! So in addition to the three mentioned last time, we now have a crimson red, deep purple, and white and gold. All the dice so far look amazing floating above the matte black base. We've been trying different ink colours as well and decided the 20 and 1 faces look best in gold across all the dice colours.

Do you have any questions?

where can I buy one?

Our campaign is now live! You can back us on Kickstarter right now!

How does Ascendice work?

...And maybe some magnets. A mixture of permanent and electromagnets programmed by some technological wizards, holds the die at a specific point, levitating the d20 effortlessly above the base.

Is the die balanced?

Yes, absolutely! We've gone to great lengths to ensure the D20 is well balanced and can be used.

How much will it cost?

We're aiming to make Ascendice as affordable as possible so all you geeks can get your nerdy hands on it.

That said, we aren't going to compromise on quality.

We're making something that you'll love for years and are hoping to retail around $150-200.

Will you ship internationally?

Yes, worldwide shipping will be available!

Why would anyone want a floating d20?

I'm sorry, I don't understand the question... 

Ascendice Progress Updates

July Update
We got our first look at the wood and marble bases! They look pretty cool, but they're waaaay too chunky. We'll need to work on shaving some of the size off them because at the moment it looks like the dice barely floats. But it's a start and we think it will be workable in future.

The first lot of floating dice samples arrived and they're so cool! We currently have threes colours, an emerald green that makes the d20 look like a gemstone, a gold-flecked blue which is mesmerising to watch, and a jet black die inked with gold which we think is a classic look. We have more colours in the works and we're looking forward to revealing them!
June Update
A quick update this time, mostly focused on the dice.

The most exciting part is probably that we have our master dice mold! We had to make some adjustments due to the intricate nature of the logo design, but we’re super happy with how it came out in the end. So the first of our floating d20 prototypes have been produced and our discard rate is slowly improving too!

Another piece of good news is that we had our China patent granted and we now have full intellectual property protection for the Ascendice in China.
May Update
It’s been a while since our last Ascendice update and we have some juicy new things to share!

With help from our amazing Discord community we decided on a logo design. We had a few different ideas for how the 20 face could look but in the end it was decided we should have a logo on the 20 face and also some highlights around the dreaded 1. We submitted a few options in the server and a winner was chosen, so now when you see anything to do with Ascendice you'll see the logo too.

We’ve got a solid technique for suspending the magnet freely inside resin now, the discard rate is still pretty high, but it's a massive step forward for us. Having the magnet free inside the die means that you can have whichever face on top you want.
March Update
 There’s so much going on with Ascendice at the moment that it’s hard to know where to start, but we wanted to keep you updated anyway.

So we’re currently working on finalising the Ascendice logo and getting sample moulds made for the floating dice. Once we have that we can start testing out materials and properly suspending the magnet in the centre. We really want the dice to be balanced and usable as well as cool looking so the material and the process are important. I’m not sure how much more we can say on that right now, but we’re looking at trying out resin, acrylic, and possibly metal dice as well.

Another thing we’re testing is getting the base a small as possible. We’re working with a few different manufacturers on testing some different configurations for the base electronics in the hopes of making it more compact. We hope this will mean the levitating d20 is made even more of a focal point.

The final thing in the works right now is different base materials. We want Ascendice to look epic, so we’re exploring the possibilities of wood and stone bases.