GIF of Voidheart Black Ascendice D20 Dice while floating
GIF of Bloodlust Red Ascendice D20 Dice while floating
GIF of Dragon Eye Purple Ascendice D20 Dice while floating
Ascendice - Floating Dice for D&D
Ascendice - Floating Dice for D&D
Ascendice - Floating Dice for D&D
Ascendice - Floating Dice for D&D
Ascendice - Floating Dice for D&D

Ascendice - Floating Dice for D&D

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Ascendice - Floating Dice Hero


The Dice header


Ascendice is a floating D20 dice powered by magic 🧙‍♂️ 

We wanted to show you Ascendice in action. Check out the video below for a hands on demo.


Why did we create Ascendice?

We're great fans of Tabletop Games, especially RPGs like D&D. And if you're like us, you know that every campaign has a climax. The Paladin’s life hangs in the balance and the next Death Saving Throw will decide the fate of the party. The Mindflayer is done toying with the party and finally rolls to extract the brain of the Cleric it has grappled. Or perhaps the Bard has, in their wisdom, decided to seduce the Red Dragon, this is the most important Persuasion roll of their life.

These moments may be at the end of a 2 year D&D campaign and deserve to be given as much gravity and atmosphere as a DM can muster.

We wanted to create the ultimate die for those moments.

And how much more ultimate can you get than a big, beautiful D20 magically suspended in mid-air just waiting for the hand of fate to reach for it.

So, we created Ascendice.


Big, Beautiful Dice header

Size comparison of Ascendice against normal D20

Orientable header

GIF of Ascendice being reoriented while floating

Easy to mount header

GIF of the dice being mounted easily and levitating

Stable header

GIF of the dice being pushed and still floating stably

Dice close ups header

Voidheart Black Ascendice Dice Close Up
Voidheart Photos Layout


Bloodlust Red Ascendice Dice Close Up
Bloodlust Photos Layout


Dragon Eye Purple Ascendice Dice Close Up
Dragon Eye Ascendice Purple Photos Layout


Dice specifications including sizes and construction diagrams


The Base Design

Matte Black Base



Real Walnut Base



Base specifications including sizes, construction and diagrams
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