More Floating Dice! - Ascendice Update

Update: Ascendice is now available for pre-order →

Following on from our last post, we have three more colours to share! So here's a look at the second lot of dice samples we received... 


Crimson Red


This colour is beautiful. The deep red really makes the d20 look like a floating ruby. It has an oddly malicious vibe to it, like some kind of magical floating bloodstone. This is one of our favourite dice so far.

White and Gold


This one is another classic combination that looks so good. We thought this would be perfect for a paladin or cleric. It looks like a chunk of Alabaster with gold veins running through it.



The final colour we have to share with you is the purple die. This one was our least favourite of the bunch. We felt it didn't have the same depth and interest as the others, but after having it spinning above the Ascendice base for a bit, it has grown on us. 

Next Steps

We're super happy with how the floating dice are coming along. Now we have all of the colours we can experiment with how we want them inked.

And finally...

A quick base update

We've managed to get the base a little smaller! The new base is a couple of millimetres smaller than our original prototype, which doesn't sound like much, but makes a surprisingly large visual difference. We're still hoping to get it a bit more compact, but this is excellent progress.


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Ascendice is now available for pre-order →

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