Kickstarter prep and Inking dice - Ascendice Update

Kickstarter prep and Inking dice - Ascendice Update

Professional wide shot of the blue floating dice

Update: Ascendice is now available for pre-order →

September was so busy we're not even sure where to start! We should probably begin with inking the dice...

Invisible Inking

We have a confession. We were in such a rush to get the dice done for a particular deadline that we totally forgot to document it! We will instead try to paint you a picture with words. 

We first tried inking the dice in the same colour all over but it suited some better than others. First we tried white, but while it made the numbers stand out nicely, it felt like it cheapened the feel of the dice somehow. It flattened the nice depth that a lot of the d20s had. Then we tried gold, and while this looked good in contrast against all of the dice colours, the 20 and 1 faces weren't distinct enough from the others and we really wanted those faces of the floating dice to really stand out. Though we did keep this for the Black and the White Ascendice because it really suited the aesthetic that we wanted for those.


For all of the others, we decided to ink the majority of the numbers in a colour similar to the actual dice colour so they are readable but subtle. This means we can ink just the 20 and 1 faces in gold and have them really pop, especially when the dice are floating and spinning.


Kickstarter prep

Hale has been working hard preparing all of the important things we need to get the Kickstarter up and running. One very important thing that every Kickstarter campaign needs is a video! So we headed over to Meantime Media to have some beauty shots taken of the Ascendice in action.

Hale watching Michael and Josh photographing the purple AscendiceA camera screen showing a close up of the red floating dice, the Ascendice set up can be seen in the background.

The guys had some really cool ideas and managed to get some truly beautiful shots of all of the dice floating, spinning, and even rolling. Seeing the Ascendice under the lights and shot on professional cameras made us so proud of how far the project has come! You'll get to see the final cut when we launch next month :D

More bases!

Close up of the Walnut Ascendice base

The final update we have for you this time is that we now have the Walnut bases too! And they look amazing! Unfortunately they didn't arrive in time for the beauty shots that were filmed, but one did take pride of place during Hale's piece to camera instead. 

Hale, Michael and Josh setting up a camera angle for a piece to camera video


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Ascendice is now available for pre-order →

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