Levitating Dice - The Ascendice Adventure Continues

Levitating Dice - The Ascendice Adventure Continues

Floating dice with two more Ascendice d20s in the foreground

It’s been a while since our last Ascendice update and we have some juicy new things to share, if you're unsure what on earth we're talking about, check out our first Ascendice post where we introduce our floating d20 project.

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Back to Base-ics

Last time we spoke about the base we were prototyping some wood and marble designs and we’re still working on that but here’s a sneak peek anyway.

Wooden Ascendice base sample underside

They’re looking pretty sweet, but they’re still much thicker than we’d like. We want that floating d20 to look epic, so shaving as much height off the base as we can is a big factor in getting it perfect. The thinner we can get the base material the higher the dice levitate above it! We should have some samples in our hands that we can share in a bit more detail soon :)

We were also trying to get the inner workings a bit smaller. This has proven to be more difficult than we’d hoped, but we’re not giving up yet! We’ll keep at it and keep you updated with our progress.

Dicey Business

Since our last update we decided on a logo design (with help from our amazing Discord community). We had a few different ideas for how the 20 face could look and found it hard to choose between a chunky, heavily painted face or a lighter, more delicate design. We also had to choose between a traditional number or a more obvious logo. Here’s just a few of the possibilities we came up with…

Ascendice logo design 1 - CelticAscendice logo design 2 - floating d20 mountain rangeAscendice logo design 3 - fine line staggered 20 face with border

In the end it was decided we should have a logo on the 20 face to really make it stand out, and to add a border and a couple of little decorative elements to the 1 as well.

The logo that was chosen in the end was this one.

Final Ascendice logo choice

We had to make some adjustments due to the intricate nature of the design, but we’re super happy with how it came out in the end. This was one of the earlier iterations.

An Ascendice die showing the issues we had with such an intricate logo

And how the master die mould finally turned out…

The master Ascendice mould

And once we got our hands on that, it’s been full speed ahead! We now have some very swanky looking dice samples to drool over which we will share in the next update :) The level of detail is beautiful and they look awesome floating effortlessly above the base. And of course, like our most recent prototype, they can be oriented how ever one desires. We’ve been tirelessly refining the process for getting the magnet centred perfectly so our discard rate is improving too!

Other Important Stuff

Another piece of good news is that we had our China patent granted and we now have full intellectual property protection for the Ascendice in China. So any pesky copycats better beware! ;D

More on the project

Ascendice is now available for pre-order →

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