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Magic Pens Bundle

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This bundle includes all the magic pens for a massive 50% discount!

This is our best value Magic Pens Bundle!

Included in this bundle:

Elemental Ink Pens

9 Pack Elemental Ink Pens →

Moon Light Pens

Moon Light Pen

9 Pack Moon Light Pens →

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Package came from Amazon not this shop. My debit card was compromised using this shop. Do not recommend.

Hi Stacey,

We use Amazon as the shipping courier - so far it's the most reliable fulfilment company we have been working with 😊
If you have any problems, just drop us a message and we will do our best to help!

Seth K
Great concept, some quality issues

The concept of these magic pens is fantastic, and they mostly deliver on their promise. The Elemental Ink Pens work beautifully, but I had issues with the Moon Light Pens - some of the UV lights were faulty. The erasable pens are a hit and miss; two worked fine, but one was unusable. It's a great bundle for those who love novelty pens, but be prepared for some inconsistencies.

Magic pens

I recently purchased the Magic Pens Bundle and have been mostly pleased with the experience. The Elemental Ink Pens are a delight, offering vibrant colors and smooth writing. The Moon Light Pens are quite unique, though I found that a couple of the UV lights didn't work as expected. The Erasable Moon Light Pens are a great idea, but one of them arrived dried out. Overall, it's a good value for the price, especially for creative projects or adding a magical touch to your writing.


Lights didn't work in moonpens. The pens are scratchy, do not write smoothly.

Sorry your pens don't work as they should! Drop us a message and we will be happy to send you replacement ones 😊


All 3 Moonlight erasable pens arrived dried out and unable to be used, 1 of the pens did not have a working light.
5 of the moonlight pens had UV lights that did not work.
The Elemental Pens worked as advertised.