The Dungeon Master's Gift Guide

Oh my deity, is it that time of year again? Have you left gift shopping for your players to the last minute? Or are you unsure of what to purchase for your DM to remain in their good books? Fear not brave adventurer for we have you covered with our handy dandy Dungeon Master's Gift Guide...

Starter Set

An overview of what's inside the D&D Starter set from Wizards of the Coast

Why not give the gift of D&D this holiday season? Obviously not a gift for seasoned players and DMs, but if your looking to get a friend into this wondrous hobby we think this makes a great gift!

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Magic Pens Bundle

Overview of what's included in our Magic Pens Bundle

If your DM loves to create interesting maps and puzzles then our Magic Pens Bundle could make a great gift. It includes all of our pens at a discounted price so you save some pennies too. 

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D&D Class Cat Shirt

A selection of Cavern and Calicos D&D Class cat T-shirt designs

There are many D&D cat crossovers out there, but these are something else. Caverns and Calicos brilliantly represents each of the D&D classes with our feline companions. I definitely maybe haven't requested a certain someone get me one of these nosiree. 

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Ancients' Lockbox

A close up of the Ancients' Lockbox inside a gift box

The Ancients' Lockbox is a customisable puzzle that your DM can use over and over in your campaigns. If you have a DM that loves riddles this will definitely be their cup of tea. You can even hide a small gift inside, a gift within a gift. And it comes in its own snazzy gift box already, just add a bow!

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Atmosphere Enhancing Candles

A close up of Firelight Fables' Dark Forest scented candle

We're all for atmosphere here and we think these candles from Firelight Fables are a brilliant idea. They have a bunch of different scents to suit a variety of fantasy settings. Perhaps it invokes the homeland of one of your players, or you know your DM would love to bring a bit more ambience to their narrative. 

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Physical Puzzles are another thing that can bring a more interesting challenge to a campaign. Whether finding them as trinkets during a quest or having to solve one to prove your worth they can be a welcome addition to a session. 

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D&D Themed Socks

A selection of D&D themed socks

Socks! The age old Christmas gift. The perfect gift for D&D dads. What more can we really say? They keep your feet warm while adventuring.

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Dice Trays

Dice trays are another useful gift for players or Dungeon Masters. They protect the all important dice and the table. Ranging in styles and colours you can find something for everyone. You can get some cheap and cheerful ones on Amazon but if you want something a bit more premium for a gift then our Dragon Leather Dice Trays are a much cooler option.

Shop our Dragon Leather Dice Trays →

Polyhedral Dice Chocolates

An overview of what chocolates come inside the D20 from The Truffle Cottage

Who doesn't like receiving chocolate as a gift? We think you can't go wrong with these chocolate dice from The Truffle Cottage. This makes a great themed present for any fan of TTRPGS. A giant chocolate D20 that contains a full set of polyhedral dice also made of chocolate. Edible gifts for the win!

Devour your own chocolate D20 from The Truffle Cottage →

Levitating D20

We think we've saved the best for last. Ascendice is a floating D20 that not only looks cool but is perfectly balanced, so you can use it for the most epic rolls. If you want a gift that will blow their minds, this is it. Currently available for Pre-order but well worth the wait!

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