Moon Light Pens
Moon Light Pens
Moon Light Pens
Moon Light Pens

Moon Light Pens

$ 27.99 USD
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✓  Works on paper, card, skin & most other surfaces
✓  Built in light
✓  FREE batteries included


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The look on your players’ faces when the ink is revealed will be epic. Perfect for adding those secret touches to maps or letters that your players pick up along their journey.

The pen has a little built-in UV light you can use to read the invisible messages. 

How to use it

  1. Write a secret message. Use the Moon Light Pen to write secret messages on a letter, or to add traps and tunnels to a map.
  2. It's completely invisible. The ink is completely invisible when viewed under artificial light.
  3. Reveal with the pen's light. Reveal the secrets using the built-in light on the Moon Light Pen.

We’re working on putting together a post with some ideas for how you could use the Moon Light Pen in your campaign. Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll let you know when we post it!


Things to note 

  • Ink is slightly visible in sunlight. The UV ink from the Moon Light Pen is very slightly visible in bright direct sunlight, but under normal artificial light or candlelight, it is completely invisible. 
  • Easier to write with two. We recommend buying at least two pens as it makes writing and drawing a lot easier. Because the ink is completely invisible it can be difficult to figure out what has already been written, so use the light from a second pen as you draw with the first.
  • The pen includes 3 LR41 batteries. 

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