25 Stories Hooks for Your RPG Campaign

25 Stories Hooks for Your RPG Campaign

Story Hook #1

A Scar appears on the palms of the entire party

Your party discover writing in scar tissue on the palms of all of their hands. The really strange thing: each one is written in their own handwriting.

What was written and how did  it get there?



Story Hook #2
The Letterless Letter

Your party receives a letter that is completely blank except for a signature.

What does this mystery letter mean? 



Story Hook #3

On entering a new village, everyone is terrified of your party, except for one man with a wide grin on his face who appears very pleased to see you.

What does the old man know?



Story Hook #4
Airship Down

A burning airship is losing altitude and heading towards a nearby village.

How would you save the airship?



Story Hook #5

There have been rumours circulating about a violent criminal on the loose, the description perfectly matches one of your party.

Would you create a conspiracy or coincidence?



Story Hook #6
The Tattoo Paradox

Mysterious glyphs and ancient writings start appearing as tattoos all over the bodies of the entire party. The blackened shapes crawl back into the shadow when exposed to firelight.

How did they get there?



Story Hook #7
The Monolith

A huge, black monolith appears outside of town but none of the townspeople can see it.

How did it get there and why can’t anyone see it?



Story Hook #8
Freaky Friday

After a night in the inn — a few too many ales to boot — the party wake up to find themselves in the body of another party member.

Was it something I drank or something else?



Story Hook #9
Stix and Stones

A nearby lake has suddenly drained revealing a wrecked ship, mostly intact. The mystery is, its hundreds of miles from the sea or any river large enough to carry it.

How did it get there?



Story Hook #10
They Call Him Rod

A storm has been over the village for a while, lightning seems to be attracted to one person.

What did he do to garner such unwanted attention from the heavens?



Story Hook #11
Sweet Dreams

Everyone in a city has had the same dream every night for weeks, except for one child.

What’s special about the child?



Story Hook #12
The First Plague

The river running into the city has all but dried up save for a trickle of red.

What has caused this ominous happening?



Story Hook #13
The Holding of Grandfathers’ Hands

After returning triumphantly to town from their latest adventure, the party finds everyone in the area is completely still, as if frozen in time.

What’s caused this temporal problem?



Story Hook #14
The Odd Child

A young child has begun to manifest unusual abilities and is causing havoc.

What’s behind this?



Story Hook #15
Save the King

An assassination attempt has been made on the vassal King of the local municipality. Although he survived, the assailant is likely to make another effort. Fortunately, he left behind one damning piece of evidence. Your group has been hired to track down the culprit.

What evidence did he leave behind?



Story Hook #16
Needle in a Haystack

A travelling merchant has been offloading stolen items to the locals. Mostly trinkets and tat, but one innocuous item is incalculably valuable.

What is the item of value?



Story Hook #17
No Strings Attached

The local bazaar has been regularly visited by an odd-looking merchant only on the fourth day of every month. His wares are unique items which he refuses to take any coin for. He’s due back tomorrow.

What is the merchant up to?



Story Hook #18
Let There Be Light

The party is awoken in the middle of the night by a ruckus outside. They go outside to see what the fuss is about and see the whole town is pointing at a bright light which has appeared in the sky.

What is the light and how did it get there?



Story Hook #19
In The Depths of The Mine

A drunken miner shouts to the whole inn about something amazing he started to uncover in the mine. The inn bristles with motion and several groups pay their tabs and leave hastily.

What would you have had the miner discover?



Story Hook #20
The Emperor’s Daughter

A kidnapping attempt was made on the emperor’s daughter. The villains were caught and detained but she has been manifesting some strange behaviour.

What weird things is the emperor’s daughter doing?



Story Hook #21
Thick as Thieves

You’re employed by two mutually distrusting criminal gangs to mediate a trade. It does not go well and they both turn on you.

How would you have it go wrong?



Story Hook #22
The Ambassador

The party is employed to escort a visiting ambassador through a rough part of town. The task goes without a hitch, but when the adventurers arrive at their destination, none of the hosts recognise the ambassador.

Why don’t they recognise the ambassador?



Story Hook #23
The Lesser of Two Evils

Your party uncovers a plot to assassinate a local slave lord. Many slaves could be freed, but the assassins are going to frame a nearby tribal leader. It will result in a war in which many innocents will die.

How would you save the situation?



Story Hook #24
Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly

A kind hearted, soft handed local women has begun to have regular blackouts during which she becomes rabid and will do anything she can to kill a well known member of the local ruling council.

Who’s behind his plot? Or is it something else?



Story Hook #25
Seeing Red

A distressed family member wakes up in the middle of a bloody murder scene, their family missing. But, upon closer inspection, the blood isn’t real!

Who’s behind this and why?