Trinket Puzzles
Trinket Puzzles
Trinket Puzzles
Trinket Puzzles
Trinket Puzzles

Trinket Puzzles

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All Trinket Puzzles are...

• Solid cast metal
• Beautifully patinated

• Variety of difficulties

All our puzzles are created out of solid cast metal which gives them a hefty feel and quality finish. This also means they are virtually indestructible. Challenge your players by adding real puzzles to your sessions.

The Compass

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

This is a challenging puzzle which requires the solver to think a little outside the box. This puzzle requires 3 specific moves to open it. Or just shake it wildly and maybe you'll get lucky.

Sparring Stags

Difficulty: Medium

Another highly tactile puzzle. This can take quite some time to solve. The horns are interlocked and take several correct moves to disentangle them. Once you've solved it a few times you'll likely be good at it, but it's unlikely you could explain to someone else how to do it.

The Pelican

Difficulty: Medium

This one is tough. It looks simple but has always taken our testers some time to solve. And, due to the tactile nature of the puzzle, they couldn't easily reproduce their solve.

Locked Keys

Difficulty: Easy

The interlocked keys are a nice entry level tactile puzzle. They are quite easy to solve but still satisfying. 


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