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Moon Rune Pen - Erasable
Moon Rune Pen - Erasable
Moon Rune Pen - Erasable

Moon Rune Pen - Erasable

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Special Features
✓  Works on erasable surfaces (e.g. Chessex Mats)
✓  Built in light
✓  FREE batteries included

Want to write on paper?
Check out our ballpoint Moon Rune Pen →

This pen uses invisible UV ink to make awesome magics like Moon Runes available to us mere mortals.

The look on your players’ faces when the ink is revealed will be epic. Perfect for adding those secret touches to maps or letters that your players pick up along their journey.

The pen has a little built-in UV light you can use to read the invisible messages.

How to use it

  1. Write a secret message. Use the Moon Rune Pen to write secret message or hidden room.
  2. It's completely invisible. The ink is completely invisible when viewed under artificial light.
  3. Reveal with the pen's light. Reveal the secrets using the built-in light on the Moon Rune Pen.

We’re working on putting together a post with some ideas for how you could use the Moon Rune Pen in your campaign. Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll let you know when we post it!

Things to note 

  • Test before you draw. Erasable mats and boards come in a huge variety of materials. We've tested on a lot of them and it has always wiped cleanly off. But, it's best to test on your own before drawing a huge map. If it doesn't erase, just send us a message and we'll refund you :) 
  • Ink is slightly visible in sunlight. The UV ink from the Moon Rune Pen is very slightly visible in bright direct sunlight, but under normal artificial light or candlelight, it is completely invisible. 

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