Bright LED eCandles
Bright LED eCandles
Bright LED eCandles
Bright LED eCandles
Bright LED eCandles
Bright LED eCandles
Bright LED eCandles

Bright LED eCandles

$ 39.99 USD
Tax included.


  • Realistic melted wax look
  • Lasts 1000x longer than a candle
  • FREE Batteries included

Give your players a deeper sense of immersion by playing by candlelight. These candles give you the atmospheric benefits of candlelight but without the drawbacks of a real candle, and they last a lot longer!

Choose from 3 colours. White and yellow candles are great for adding atmospherics to your game, but if you really want to ramp up the tension of an epic boss battle, red could be the way to go!


Things to note

  • Plastic. The candles are made of plastic so there will be no drippy wax getting everywhere, and no waxy residue or soot to worry about.
  • Includes batteries. Each candle includes 3 coin cell batteries so you can use them straight away.
  • Safer than a real candle. Let's face it, we can all get a bit carried away whilst playing but you won't burn your house down if you knock one of these over.

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