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Black Dragon Leather Dice Tray

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  • Genuine Dragon Leather  🐉
  • 2 in 1, reversible design means more variety
  • Collapses to store flat 

Not just anyone can go up against a Black Dragon and live, but you can at least say you did with a Black Dragon Leather Dice Tray! It looks super epic, and it protects your table. Show off your dragon-slaying prowess and stop your dice disappearing into the abyss, or knocking over the minis... (I’m looking at you Jeff). 

This Black Dragon Leather Dice Tray is durable enough to prevent even the most aggressive of metal dice from causing harm to surfaces.

Disclaimer: No actual dragons were harmed in the making of this product.



Things to note

  • Reversible colors. Fold the edges up with the leather on the outside and pop the snaps together on the outside to have the color in the middle. Flip it over to fold the edges up and snap them on the inside to have the leathery surface to roll on. 
  • When the dice trays are popped together they measure 16cm flat to flat and 18cm point to point.
  • Made of PU Leather and Felt.


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