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About Us

I'm Landan. I run The Shop of Many Things with the occasional bit of help from my wife, Emma. We live in a sleepy town on the east coast of the UK 🇬🇧 but we quite like it here.

So, I run this homebrew game called Te'otm (The Ebb of the Mundane). Which is a lot of fun, if I say so myself, and I've found some great tools for DMs which I feel have really made a difference to how great the sessions are.

I really wanted a way to share some of the cool ideas and DM tools that I've found made our games more exciting. That’s why we started this shop :) We do The Shop of Many Things on top of our normal jobs, but we're working hard to make it our full-time job and we're super grateful for your support!

If you have any ideas, feedback or just want to say hi, then feel free to get in touch!

Landan & Emma