Ancients' Lockbox Puzzle Box
Ancients' Lockbox Puzzle Box
Ancients' Lockbox Puzzle Box

Ancients' Lockbox Puzzle Box

$ 99.95 USD
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  • Solid cast metal (1lb 9oz/700g)
  • Customisable code
  • 308,915,776 possible combinations

The Ancients' Lockbox is an epic puzzle to present your players with. The compartment inside is big enough to hold a message or a small object.

This thing is seriously hefty. Each barrel has the entire alphabet so it will be a challenge for your players to work out the code. You could easily make this a recurring element in your tabletop campaigns as you can change the code as many times as you like.   


How To Use It

  • Choose your password. You can set the combination to any 6 letter code you want.
  • Set your password. Unscrew the right-hand end and remove the two screws to take the box apart. Align the letters of your password with the slot on each barrel. Put it back together and you're all set.
  • Give your players a riddle. We recommend you choose a password that is the answer to a riddle. As there are 308,915,776 possible combinations it would take a long time to work it out by themselves! 

    Things to note

    • Size: 5.5 x 2.4 inch (14 x 6 cm)
    • Weight: 1lb 9oz (700g)
    • Default Combination: ILOVEU (I know, I know. That's how the manufacturer sets it!)
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